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mouse found in pennsylvania home

How Rodent Exclusion Works

September 15, 2017

Have you ever had a friend or relative come to stay with you for a few days, only to find out that they had no plan of leaving? Ever! If you have, then you probably found yourself thinking, "WHY did I let that person come into my home in the first place?" Well, the same can be true for mice. Keeping them out can be a lot easier than getting them out once they have moved in. And, what's worse is, with mice, they don't just stay a single mouse. ...

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mouse found inside walls

Be On The Look Out For Mice This Fall

October 19, 2016

At one time or another, you might have the realization that you and your family are not the only ones who call your house home. Each fall, millions of rodents across the country are on the move, looking for a quiet, warm spot to nest for the winter. Your home looks every bit as inviting to them as it does to you when it starts to get cold outside. There are certainly those people who find these furry creatures cute, but the destruction and sic...

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