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PA Pest Prevention During Holiday Decorating



Decorating Tips For A Pest Free Holiday

The holidays are coming! Are you prepared? Taking out the holiday decorations from storage in your home often helps to ignite the Christmas spirit for most people; this time also signifies the start of the holiday season! Don’t let pests hiding inside your stored holiday decorations ruin this moment for you; the pest control professionals at Moyer Pest have a few tricks up our sleeves to…

Silverfish In PA Home



Silverfish In Pennsylvania Homes Are Problematic

It may be fall, but PA homeowners are still finding silverfish around their homes. These pests are typically found in homes during the summer because they look for areas of high humidity or moisture inside a home to escape the sweltering heat outside. You may not even realize you have a silverfish infestation until the problem has gotten out of hand because these pests are nocturnal and because…

PA Stink Bug Control



Pennsylvania Stink Bugs: How To Prevent Them

Stink bugs. If you don’t have them yet, beware- they are coming! Late summer/early fall is the best time to prevent these pests, because they will be looking to enter your home as soon as the weather cools off. Once they enter your home, there will be very little you can do to get rid of stink bugs in PA.

Clover Mites In PA



Finding Little Red Bugs In Your PA Home?

Have you seen tiny red bugs around your home, on your deck or in your yard? These insects are extremely tiny, which can make them hard to identify, but when they crowd in clusters they become apparent. These little red bugs can be chiggers or they may be clover mites but because they are so tiny, it can be hard to tell the difference. Here are some tips to help you identify each of these bugs as…

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