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stink bug sitting on leaf



Infestations Are Coming

There are some things you can count on in life. The sun will always rise and the sun will always set. The summer will always come and the summer will always go. And when the summer goes it will always be followed by colder months.

wasp building it's nest on the side of a souderton home



Wasp Activity One The Rise As Winter Nears

Every kid loves a good game of hide and seek. The excitement of balling up in a corner behind the couch, trying not to laugh, is great fun. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you find the perfect spot. So perfect, it feels like you're hiding for hours. But, inevitably, boredom sets in, or you realize it was a bad idea to drink that third soda--and you're forced to reveal yourself.

father cooking on the grill for labor day



Pest Free Labor Day In PA!

What does Labor Day mean to you? Do you immediately think of a backyard cookout? There is a good reason for this. In the 1800s, legislators looking to promote hard work and teamwork in the U.S. workforce, proposed legislation to adopt a day to recognize workers. One of the first states to enact Labor Day holiday legislation was New York, and the citizens of New York City celebrated the day with a…

enlarged image of ant



Get Rid Of Ants In West Chester

It really doesn’t matter what species of ant is roaming through your yard and invading your home; they are all un-welcomed guests that need to be sent packing! There are currently three major species of ants active in our community. They are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. Although odorous house ants and pavement ants do not carry disease or destroy wood in your home,…

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