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father cooking on the grill for labor day



Pest Free Labor Day In PA!

What does Labor Day mean to you? Do you immediately think of a backyard cookout? There is a good reason for this. In the 1800s, legislators looking to promote hard work and teamwork in the U.S. workforce, proposed legislation to adopt a day to recognize workers. One of the first states to enact Labor Day holiday legislation was New York, and the citizens of New York City celebrated the day with a…

Family at Home



Happy Pest-Free Life With Moyer

How is your quality of life? Is your standard of health, comfort, and happiness where it needs to be? What promotes health, comfort and happiness? It depends on who you ask. For some, quality of life is directly associated with how many times they get to take their Harley out on a road trip. There is something liberating about being on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair. It's…