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house spider lerking in the dark of a new castle home



What To Do If Spiders Have Invaded Your New Castle County Home

We can all agree that creepy crawly spiders should not be welcome in our homes. But do you know why? It can be easy to think that since spiders are scary, they are also dangerous. But the most common species of spider here in New Castle County is not dangerous at all. In fact, it can be beneficial. Now, before you click off and decide that living with spiders is better than getting them out…




Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Pennsylvania Home

If you are experiencing roaches inside your Pennsylvania home, be advised that do-it-yourself roach control is, at best, only partially effective. You may have some success and think you have conquered the little beasts, only to find that they come back in force later on. The only way to be certain that you have eliminated roaches is to get help from a professional pest control company. 

ants marching toward plate of food



Ant Activity In Winter In The Keystone State

If you're seeing a line of ants walking across your kitchen floor this winter, you are not likely to be happy. In fact, you might have some less than positive feelings regarding the matter. 

mouse found in the living room of souderton home



Keep Mice And Rats Out Of Your Home Or Business This Winter

Rats and mice, while different species, are both part of the rodent family. Therefore, they both have many of the same characteristics that make them equally dangerous and a nuisance for homes and businesses alike.

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