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millipedes crawling on a tile floor

What You Ought To Know About Millipedes In New Castle

March 31, 2021

Located close to America’s garden capital, New Castle boasts splendid parks and pristine yards and gardens that enhance its historic charm and beauty. If you’ve been gardening outdoors in spring, you have probably encountered creepy-crawly millipedes hiding under rocks, flowerpots, or the playset out in the yard. When you startle a nocturnal millipede, it will avoid any awkward social interaction with you, using its many legs to tr...

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a wasps in a house

New Castle's Complete Wasp-Prevention Guide

March 29, 2021

While New Castle isn't known for particularly dangerous pests, there is one militant menace that loves to call our beloved city home. Wasps love our late spring and early summer temperatures just as much as we do, and they'll waste no time turning your New Castle property into their own summer home....

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a lobe star tick biting human skin

The Trick To Keeping Ticks Out Of Your New Castle Yard

March 29, 2021

It’s the pest on everyone’s radar. As the promises of warm weather loom in late-March, Delaware residents brush off the patio, put on their gardening gloves, or find other reasons to head outdoors to enjoy the weather. But even in the still-cool Delaware weather, they risk encountering a harmful parasite that is a vector of many harmful diseases. ...

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