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image of a mouse found in a souderton home



Can You Identify The Signs Of Mice In Your West Chester Home?

Have you ever been sitting at your kitchen table minding your own business when you realize that Fluffy is staring intently at something under the refrigerator. Curious, you move the cat and look at the spot which captured his attention only to find yourself looking at a little gray mouse looking back at you? There is a good chance that you cringed and perhaps shrieked a little or maybe you just…

souderton home infested with mice



The House Mouse: What You Need To Know

So, did you see one? Are you here because it crawled along the kitchen wall, and disappeared under the cabinets? Or did you just hear it in the walls? It is actually rare to see a mouse. This is a quiet and timid creature with acute hearing, and a remarkable sense of smell. If you saw one, especially in the daytime, there is a strong chance you have a lot more than one mouse. Mice only take…

mouse found in a new york home



The Importance Of Mouse Proofing Your Home

In the fall, most homeowners have a long list of things to do in order to get their home and property ready for the upcoming winter. One task that should definitely not be left off of the list is making sure to mouse proof your home. Fall is the time of year when mice start to search for places to hide and nest in over the winter. If you are not proactive in mouse proofing your home, you may find…

mouse and a rat side by side



How To Tell If You Have Mice Or Rats

There are several critters you never want in your home. At the top of most people’s list is mice and rats.

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