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damaged wood by termties



3 Signs It's Time To Call The Pest Control Pros

The signs can sometimes be subtle. Your daughter might stay home from school with what you think is the flu. Your son may be struggling with asthma, and you have taken him to the doctor's eight times with no real results. You may notice that the front door is sticking slightly. But there are more noticeable signs--signs you may have seen. You may even know you have a rodent or some cockroaches…

mouse chewing through cardboard



3 Signs There's A Mouse In The House

The last thing you want is a mouse in your house. Learn about the 3 most common signs of a rodent infestations.

mouse trying to find a winter home in pennsylvania



How To Keep Mice Out + How To Tell If You Have Them

Figuring out if you have mice is harder than you might think. You see, mice are all trained in the art of stealth by a mighty ninja master who lives in a trendy bamboo hut on a remote desert island. Then, each mouse is delicately shipped to America by cargo ship. Okay. I can see that you're not buying the whole "ninja training" theory. Here is the less interesting "scientific" explanation for the…

do you know the signs of mice activity?



Is There A Mouse In My House?

Anyone would agree that the winter this year has been quite severe throughout most of the United States, and Pennsylvania is certainly no exception. The frigid temperatures have forced everything to seek shelter inside including that smelly, pesky little house mouse. The good news is spring is on the way. However, without an aggressive and proactive plan to rid your home of a mouse infestation…

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