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a blood thirsty mosquito biting the bare skin of a souderton resident



Essential Steps For Mosquito Prevention In Souderton This Summer

Here in Souderton, it would almost be a miracle if mosquitoes were never spotted buzzing around and feeding on our blood. Not so surprisingly, most Souderton residents would agree that mosquitoes are not one of the benefits of warmer weather. If you’re worried about mosquitoes this year, you may be tempted to stay inside until the weather cools down again and mosquitoes go away. But why…

a mosquito biting the bare skin of a new castle resident one summer night



Don't Let Summer Mosquitoes Turn Your New Castle Yard Into A Breeding Ground 

You know the buzzing sound you hear when mosquitoes are around? That high-pitched noise is made by their wings beating hundreds of times per second! But what makes mosquitoes so unique is also what makes them such a nuisance to humans. Since mosquitoes feed on human blood, they pose many threats to our health and cause itchy bites. Our best prevention efforts should be used against these hazardous…

a large mosquito resting on a moist place that it made home in a westchester yard



Why Westchester Residents Trust Moyer For Mosquito Removal

No one goes out and buys a pet mosquito. In fact, even the thought of it is quite ridiculous. No, mosquitoes are more of a creature to avoid than one you want cuddling up at your feet at night. However, whether we like it or not, as the weather warms up, mosquitoes will be back and will be just as annoying as ever.

a red bellied mosquito biting a souderton pennsylvania residents skin



What Attracts Mosquitoes To Souderton Yards?

Summer is almost here! It’s time to get outdoors and clean up all of the winter debris from your property so that you can start enjoying your backyard again. But wait, the warm weather, moisture, and spring rains will also bring about a new population of mosquitoes to plague every outdoor event, picnic, barbeque, and party.

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