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mouse found in kitchen



Should I Be Concerned About A Single Mouse?

Surely, it’s just one small mouse, how bad can it be? That single mouse isn’t as intimidating as hundreds of carpenter ants marching around your home or a pile of stink bugs clinging to your window screen. Well, unfortunately, a single mouse can be just as bad or worse than either.

mouse looking for winter shelter



What's With All The Mice?

If you're seeing mice in your Pennsylvania home, it can be a little baffling. Isn't it winter outside? Yup. It sure is. But we're actually getting a lot of call from folks fighting these frustrating and dirty pests. Here are a few reasons why.

mouse looking for a winter home



Mice: The Winter Pest Problem

It should come as no surprise that mice are a problem throughout Pennsylvania. The house mouse is the most common of all rodents and has the ability to breed rapidly. They are capable of quickly adapting to a change in environment. Another fact that intensifies the population problem of mice is that they breed throughout the year and even share nests. They are normally content to live outdoors as…

house mouse crawling on table



Unwanted Mice Roommates

Have you ever had to deal with a roommate? Are you all too familiar with waking up at 2 in the morning to thumps and whispers? Do you know what it is like to go into the bathroom and find every single towel in the apartment lying in a damp pile on the floor? We're sure your horror stories can beat anything we can come up with. After all, most roommate stories end with the words, "You just can't…