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dog inspecting for bed bugs



How Dogs Detect Bed Bugs

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. It is so powerful they are able to detect explosives hidden in luggage, use the scent from a shirt to find a missing child, smell for blood on a crime scene, detect up to 18 different kinds of toxic molds, and even sniff out illicit mobile phones and other contraband. The list of things dogs have been trained to detect is extensive. They have been used by law…

bed bug on bed



Guide To A Bed Bug-Free Spring Vacation

May is the perfect time to go on vacation, and nothing can ruin a vacation faster than finding out that your room has bed bugs. If you're planning a spring vacation, take a moment to read through this quick guide to prevent bed bug bites and reduce your chances of bringing these hitchhiking bugs back home with you.

bed bug



Why DIY Bed Bug Control Does Not Work

Recently, bed bug infestations have been on the rise. Relative to the steady increase in travel in the last couple decades, after a brief stint of limited activity, bed bugs have been popping up all over the place. The recent increase in bed bug infestations have sent many of us to the internet in search of a way to get rid of them, and with all the DIY methods out there, you will likely find…

bed bug



Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind In Your West Chester Home

Bed bugs are sneaky pests. They don't scale your walls and infiltrate vulnerable entry points. They come in like the Trojans; sometimes, they're even hidden inside gifts, like the Trojan horse. Let's take a look at some of the ways bed bugs might sneak into your home, and explore a few of the ways you can stop them.

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