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a common but very hairy and dark scary looking house spider in west chester pennsylvania



How The Common House Spider Gets Into Your West Chester Home

The American House Spider is a tiny spider with a fat belly, brown in color with stripes on its legs. While it is not venomous, if one bites you it can be itchy. For the most part, they are relatively harmless, but you still don’t want them in your home. Their presence can signify a larger pest problem.

an american cockroach crawling over and along the edge of a west Chester Pennsylvania kitchen counter top



Cockroach Prevention Tips Every West Chester Homeowner Should Know

There are several ways homeowners can lower the risk of their homes getting infested with cockroaches. However, even with effective DIY strategies and prevention steps, your home may still fall victim to a cockroach infestation. Should this happen, contact Moyer Pest Control right away.

ants in pennsylvania home



How To Keep Ants Out Of Your West Chester Home

Ant populations explode in springtime. After a long winter of dormancy, they're getting ready to find a bite to eat. As they search for food, they can find their way into our West Chester homes. When they do, it can be quite a mystery. Hopefully, this article will help to make ant problems less of a mystery and give you a good start in keeping those ants out of your home.

mouse found in kitchen



Should I Be Concerned About A Single Mouse?

Surely, it’s just one small mouse, how bad can it be? That single mouse isn’t as intimidating as hundreds of carpenter ants marching around your home or a pile of stink bugs clinging to your window screen. Well, unfortunately, a single mouse can be just as bad or worse than either.

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