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a long legged grey wolf spider crawling through the crevices of a souderton pennsylvania home



Why Are There Giant Hairy Spiders In My Souderton Home?

Here in Souderton, there are two known species of wolf spider: the hogna carolinensis, aka the Carolina wolf spider, and the hogna aspersa. Aspersa is the larger of the two, but besides this difference, these spiders look very similar.

a stink bug on a vibrant green leaf of a house plant inside a souderton pennsylvania home



Taking The Stink Out Of Stink Bugs In Souderton      

Sometimes it can seem like stink bugs infest our homes to ruin our day. They don't spread any harmful diseases. They don't often bite and can't sting; but despite these things, they are still one of the more annoying pests to deal with. Why? Because no-one wants a smelly bug buzzing around their home. 

a colony of ants climbing up a fallen leaf in a souderton pennsylvania yard



Why Pest Control Is Still Important In The Fall       

Fall is house-hunting time for pests, and real estate is good here in Souderton. For most pests, it doesn’t take long for them to find a home that meets all of their basic expectations.

a brown banded cockroach crawling along a glossy wooden table top in a souderton pennsylvania home



Ridding the Roaches from Your Souderton Home

Cockroaches are terrifying pests. They defy our shared understanding of how living things survive. Did you know they can last underwater for up to 40 minutes or that they can live a week without their heads?  You try to squash them, and it's like they come back from the dead.

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