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an earwig crawling within a kitchen plant in a souderton pennsylvania home



All The Crazy Things You'll Hear About The Earwigs In Souderton

Although not considered harmful to humans, earwigs will attack with their pincers if threatened or cornered. Drawn to areas of high moisture, they are often found underneath rugs or holed up in damp spaces such as the bathroom or basement. 

a stink bug crawling across a souderton pennsylvania kitchen counter top



Stomping Out Souderton Stink Bugs

Like many other insect pests during this time of year, stink bugs try to squirm inside homes to seek shelter from the winter weather. There are many problems that come with having stink bugs spending the holidays in your home.

a bed bug infestation on a souderton pennsylvania bedding during fall season



What Not to Do If You Find Bed Bugs in Your Souderton Home

There are many things not to do if you find bed bugs in your Souderton home. The first one is panic. The second is burn down your house. We understand that the idea of bed bugs can send a shiver down your spine but with professional help, you can take back your home.

a brown and black legged cricket crawling along the patio steps outside of a west chester home



Do The Crickets In West Chester Do More Than Chirp?

Most crickets are nocturnal and only come out in the evening and at night. Depending on the species and maturity, crickets may be anywhere from 0.12 to 2 inches long. These insects are often light brown, dark brown, or black and have flattened-looking bodies and long, thin antenna. Crickets are well-known for the distinctive chirping sound they make at night.

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