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a german cockroach climbing up a west chester wall in pennsylvania



West Chester's Ultimate Cockroach Prevention Guide 

No matter the specific species you encounter, cockroaches are a plentiful, hardy, and even deadly pest. Our area of Pennsylvania is home to three distinct species of roach—the German, the Oriental, and the American. 

a bed bug infestation on a west chester pennsylvania resident



A Bed Bug Guide For West Chester Parents & Students 

It will only take a single breeding pair of bed bugs to overrun your home with these bloodsucking, troublesome pests. Protect your children from the dangers of post-holiday bed bugs with a little help from Moyer Pest Control.

a bed bug infestation in a new castle pennsylvania home



The Lies The Internet Tells You About The Bed Bugs In New Castle

Don't let inarticulate articles and mysterious myths shape your views on these blood-sucking pests, because a misunderstanding of these infestations are far worse than anything else you could experience in your New Castle home.

an indian meal moth crawling through a stocked food pantry in a souderton home



Souderton's Quick Reference Guide To Pantry Pests

The most common pantry pests are Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and cigarette beetles. Knowing how to identify and eliminate each of these bugs is key in making sure the food in your pantry is safe. If all DIY methods have failed, and pantry pests are still a problem, professional pest control is the solution.

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