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an infestation of fleas crawling along the hair arm of a souderton resident in pennsylvania



How Long Are Fleas Active in Souderton, Pennsylvania?

 Summer may be nearing its end, but the weather is still hot enough for summer pests to thrive. Even so, they tend to know when fall and winter are on the way, and soon many pests will begin to make their preparations for the colder months. But what about fleas? What do they do in the winter? How long are fleas active in Souderton, Pennsylvania?

an indian meal moth crawling through a pound of sugar in a new castle pennsylvanian pantry



Dangers Food-Infesting Insects Pose in New Castle During the Summer

In most cases, pantry pests do not get into homes the conventional ways that most other pests do—by crawling through cracks or flying through open windows, but rather, they get in through the inside of the packages of food you buy. This happens mostly at grocery stores or factories before you ever pay for it at a cash register.

a pennsylvania resident scratching at the back of her neck as it is irritated by multiple mosquito bites



Is This a Mosquito Bite - Or Something Else?

Mosquitoes are one common component of summer that isn’t so enjoyable. These annoying insects ruin outdoor gatherings and leave unpleasant bite marks up and down our skin. But with all of the summer insects that are now active, how can you determine if you’ve been bitten by a mosquito... or something else?



Warning Signs Mice Leave Behind In New Castle Homes

Seeing a small, furry mouse scurry across your bedroom floor is a sure way to get your heart rate up! Mice can certainly be startling. If you’re noticing mice, or warning signs of mice in your home, you’re not alone. It’s common for mice to enter homes in the fall and stay throughout the winter. Now is the time to get these mice off your property! Not only will their population…

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