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Keep Ants from Ruining Your Summer Picnic

A favorite summertime ritual for many is when you pack up the kids, grab a basket full of food, and take your family on a day trip to the beach or to a country setting where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors while eating the yummy sandwiches, cold chicken, and pastries you tucked into your basket. You spread out your blanket, set down your picnic basket, and frolic in the grass with your…

silverfish up close



Why You Do Not Want Silverfish In Your Home

Any homeowner who goes through that once a year ritual where everything gets turned upside down in the house for a thorough cleaning has the potential of finding some unexpected guests living in areas they wouldn’t expect. We quite often hear about people cleaning out the basement or garage only to be surprised by several tiny white insects slithering out from underneath a random box that…

mouse overwintering in telford home



Winter Weather Means Changes In Pest Pressures

Life in the West Chester area in the wintertime can be a little funky. If you live here, you probably don’t bother to put away all your fall clothes in favor of parkas and snow pants. Our climate can shift quickly from a wintry 22 degrees to a balmy 60 degrees in just a few hours. It is easy to have a snowball fight one day and head off in just a light jacket to school the next. Much in the…