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Annoyed With How Many Mosquitoes Are Flying Around Your Property?

Mosquitoes, they are everywhere! They bite and buzz incessantly and with so many mosquitoes flying around, how can any home or business owner enjoy the outdoors?

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Do You Remember When Mosquitoes Were Just A Nuisance?

We all have memories of going somewhere that had a ton of mosquitoes. Whether it was a cabin near a lake, a campfire near the ocean, a hiking trail over the mountains, or just a backyard cookout, we've all been attacked by mosquitoes at some point. And, for the most part, we were only worried about getting itchy welts. But those days are gone.

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Everyone Is Talking About Zika

There is a lot of press right now about the Zika virus, especially since it has become somewhat politicized. While we don't get into politics, it is important to note that this virus has sparked a political wildfire. One side is calling this an international emergency, while the other is urging people not to panic. But we'd like to point out that mosquito threats are nothing new. We've been…