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stink bug in westchester home

Tips To Keep Stink Bugs Out Of Your Westchester Home

October 31, 2018

Brown marmorated stink bugs are an insect pest native to Asia, but are now commonly found in several areas within the United States. These repulsive creatures were introduced to the state of Pennsylvania back in the 1990’s, and have since exploded in population as they continue to reproduce and spread across the nation....

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stink bug on a windowsill

Are You Ready For Stink Bugs?

April 26, 2018

During the winter, stink bugs may have been overwintering. Some of these bugs may even have used your home to overwinter within. Now that West Chester is seeing some warmer weather, these bugs will become much more active, including the ones in your home already. If they have not already entered your home, the increase of activity will naturally increase the risk of them doing so, so it is time to be on the lookout. Stink bugs can be quite a n...

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stink bug crawling on deck

Do You Know How To Avoid Overwintering Pests?

September 11, 2017

e world. There are some who will stop everything they're doing to chase a single stink bug around the house, capture it, and dispose of it. Others can have hundreds of stink bugs crawling in their curtains, walking across their television, buzzing through the living room and kitchen... and just shrug them off. Most of us fall somewhere in between. No matter where you stand, we're thinking you would probably like to know how to keep those bugs ...

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