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Why Do I Have Fleas In My Souderton Home?

March 9, 2022

Flea circuses are a thing of the past for a reason: fleas are gross, they bite, and they quickly reproduce and cause infestations. Unfortunately, fleas can continually cause problems, so having a complete pest control service that keeps flea infestations at bay is paramount for your home....

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How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Souderton Home?

January 1, 2021

Small town Souderton is a wonderful area to live and raise a family. Many of us have pets who love this town as much as we do. Homeowners and pet owners alike have to stay vigilant against all sorts of pests, including fleas. These particular pests may be small and hard to spot, but they can pose a real hazard to your family. Let’s take a look at these biting pests and how dangerous they are when they infest your Souderton home....

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Why Do I Have Fleas In My New Castle Home?

December 24, 2020

If you’d like to have some outdoor fun in New Castle, you have a few different scenic spots to choose from. You could have a romantic picnic or take a soothing walk. However, if you’re hesitant to be in nature, it’s understandable. There are legions of pests in the air and on the ground. At worst, they could sting, bite, or scratch you. Further, you might have to worry about disease transmission. No one wants to end up in the...

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