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a cricket crawling on a wooden floor

Four Cricket Prevention Tips For New Castle Property Owners

July 31, 2020

When people gear up for pest prevention, they often concentrate on critters like termites, roaches, and rats. This is justifiable because these insects and creatures can severely damage property and/or transmit disease. New Castle home and business owners usually give no thought to controlling specimens such as carpet beetles, silverfish, or ants. These kinds of bugs are considered harmless and easy to kill. Therefore, they’re put on the...

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a cricket crawling on a wooden floor

Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My New Castle Home?

July 24, 2020

Have you ever sat outside and just listened to the crickets chirping late at night? The melody can be relaxing and, for some, soothing. This sound, however, becomes a lot less appealing when it is heard, inside, at all hours of the night. The question is, how dangerous is it to have crickets inside your New Castle home? Here is what our experts have to say....

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