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a close up of a german cockroach and the distictive features to idenify the species



Spotting A Cockroach in Your New Castle Home Is More Than Just Scary

Cockroaches have a talent for getting a good scream out of unsuspecting people. Maybe you’re headed to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a glass of water. When you turn on the lights you see several shapes scurry out of sight. Or maybe you’re about to crawl into bed, and there’s an immense roach watching you from the ceiling right above your pillow.

a brown banded cockroach crawling along a cardboard box in a souderton pennsylvania home



Ridding The Roaches From Your Souderton Home

Cockroaches are terrifying pests. They defy our shared understanding of how living things survive. Did you know they can last underwater for up to 40 minutes or that they can live a week without their heads?  You try to squash them, and it's like they come back from the dead.

cockroach found in commercial kitchen



Most Common Cockroaches Found In Pennsylvania

Cockroaches have been around for eons, and it is rumored that if there were a nuclear holocaust, they would be one of the few critters to survive. That's how hearty they are. So it is no wonder that they are difficult to get rid of once they have invaded. Here are the most common types of roaches we have in Pennsylvania, the problems they cause, and how you can get rid of them.