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a professional pest control technitian from moyer pest control is servicing a west chester home as she is inspecting for bed bugs along a mattress



The West Chester Professionals To Call With Your Bed Bug Problems

When many of us think of bed bugs, we envision dirty, cluttered, unsanitary conditions. The thing with bed bugs is that they aren't discriminatory. They will hitch a ride on anyone, or anything, and cleanliness isn't a factor. Unfortunately, the societal stigma of a bed bug infestation is hard to shake.

snow covered Home in delaware protected with general pest cntrol



Why New Castle County Residents Call Moyer First For Winter Pest Problems

Winter is a wonderful time where New Castle homeowners see a reprieve from the heat and from pests that thrive in that heat. Unfortunately, cold temperatures can cause pests to seek shelter within the warm interior of our homes. And these invasions can lead to some serious concerns.

moyer pest control technician



Pesticides Can Be Poisonous

As we start 2017, there is no shortage of tragedy in the news. It is heart-wrenching to read about the death of children, knowing that those lives could have been saved if the family had known that what they were doing was deadly. That is why we're putting out this pesticide warning. Like the rest of the country, we are moved by the death of four children in Amarillo, Texas, who were killed…