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How Do Bed Bug Problems Start In New Castle?

February 21, 2020

At the turn of the century, bed bug infestations in New Castle were unheard of. Now, in just two decades, it is clear that they are here, and they intend to stay. So what can you do about them? Here's what you need to know....

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West Chester's Hotel Manager's Guide To Bed Bug Control

February 17, 2020

At Moyer, we help residents and business owners meet the challenge of dealing with bed bug infestations. We recently completed our Holiday Travelers Guide For Bed Bugs. Now, we set ourselves to the task of creating a simple and easy-to-follow guide for hotel managers in West Chester....

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a beagle at work as a certified and trained bed bug service dog sitting in green grassed yard on a property in west chester

Using Bed Bug Dogs to Keep West Chester Residents Protected

July 16, 2019

Unless you are a hermit and have never had friends or family over, you've probably heard about the difficulty and frustration that comes with finding bed bugs on a West Chester property. These invasive parasitic insects are notorious for their ability to hitchhike right into homes without the knowledge of the homeowner....

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