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Are Bed Bug Bites Itchy?

January 17, 2017

It happens to everyone. A sudden burning itch on the ankle or arm. A simple scratch and it’s gone, right? But, it’s not. It just keeps itching so you keep scratching until you finally take a closer look and discover it looks more like a bite you don’t remember getting. It is doubtful that there are many people in the our country that haven’t had a mystery bite that they can’t explain. Most of these are dismissed a...

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Bringing Home Bed Bugs

June 3, 2016

Do you have college kids? If you do, this is one article you don't want to skip. Bed bugs are a growing issue all across the country, and it is one that causes homeowners to take drastic and dangerous measures to control....

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Bed Bug

What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

April 14, 2015

There are some subjects that, when brought up for discussion, cause very negative and adverse reactions. Clearly, the subject of bed bugs falls into that category. Even though they are not known to be a transmitter of diseases, bed bug bites leave itchy red welts and bumps on one’s skin....

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