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a large crown of people watching a movie in a souderton pennsylvania theater during falls season



Picking Up Bed Bugs While Running Errands in Souderton

While many people are aware that traveling for work and pleasure puts you at risk of picking up bed bugs, you may not consider that you can pick them up during your daily activities. Bed bugs are everywhere, including bus stops and buses, train stations and trains, movie theaters, restaurants, and retail stores. It's important to learn how to keep from picking up bed bugs when out running errands…

a full grown adult bed bug crawling through a west chester pennsylvanias white linen sheets in the dark of the night



How To Tell If Your West Chester Home Is At Risk For Bed Bugs This Summer

You may be wondering if the summer months mean that your West Chester home is at risk for bed bugs. The short answer is, yes. Bed bugs are hardy pests that are active all year long. However, factors in the summer can lead to an increased bed bug presence and infestations.

a full class of chidren boarding a large yellow school bus on their first day of school fully un aware of the bed bug hitchhiking their way on their next host



How Souderton Parents Can Prevent Back-to-School Bed Bugs

Summer is nearing its end, and the kids are heading back to school. Whether you stayed local all summer or went off for an adventure on vacation, part of you is probably looking forward to the routine that ensues with the return to school. What you probably aren't looking forward to is a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, this time of year is a big one for new outbreaks. Here's how Souderton…

bed bug



Why Pennsylvania Residents Turn To Moyer For Bed Bug Treatment

At Moyer, we are proud to say that we are one of the industry leaders in the quick and efficient removal of bed bug infestations. In Pennsylvania, there is an array of activities and interests that keep people moving in and out of our state. The wide variety of attractions, vast number of colleges, and easy access to neighboring states means that there is a greater chance of bed bugs hitching a…

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