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beds bugs are infesting the hairy arm of a west chester pennsylvania resident

Why West Chester Residents With Bed Bugs Should Get Heat Treatments

March 21, 2019

There is no questioning the fact that no homeowner wants to be faced with a bed bug infestation. Knowing you are sleeping in the same bed with bugs that are feeding on you while you sleep is not a recipe for long restful nights and happy mornings. The good news is that when you choose Moyer to treat your home for bed bugs, you find the freedom you are looking for. Here’s why....

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bed bug on a blue rug

What Happens To Bed Bugs In The Winter?

October 5, 2018

Do we really get a reprieve from all those pests? Ideally, every pesky insect should die in the winter, giving us a few months of peace before coming back out in the spring. However, there are some insects that manage to bug us all year long....

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