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When Is Bed Bug Season In West Chester?

August 14, 2020

Bed bugs went through a little bit of a rough patch recently. Turns out quarantine keeps bed bugs from getting out just as well as it does with humans. Why is this? Well, bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. If you aren’t traveling, neither are they. This means as life returns to normal, and people start moving again, bed bugs will start to spread again....

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New Castle's Bed Bug Prevention Checklist

July 22, 2020

No one wants to deal with pests, but some are more tolerable than others. For instance, if you had ladybugs fluttering around your New Castle home or business, you might be able to withstand it. You’d probably feel annoyed, but that would be about it. On the other hand, if bed bugs were taking up residence in your space, you’d likely be anxious. These critters quietly suck your blood, and leave itchy bumps all over your body. They ...

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