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bed bug on sheets



What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your West Chester Home

Do you have bed bugs? Would you know it if you did? Most people don't until it is too late.

bed bug up close



Bed Bugs Only Infest Dirty Homes… Right?

When you think of a home infested with bed bugs, what is the first comes to mind? Besides the inevitable shudder, just the thought gives you, you probably begin to picture the living conditions that would foster such pests.

bed bug crawling on skin



Are You Accidentally Inviting Bed Bugs Into Your West Chester Home?

Bed bugs have a notoriously bad reputation and for good reason! They are highly-invasive, difficult to eliminate, and make it difficult to relax in our own homes! For all the reasons mentioned above and more, West Chester homeowners should take precautions against these pests to avoid inviting them into their homes.

bed bug up close



Bed Bug Season At Its Peak In Pennsylvania

You might think winter would be the logical peak season for bed bugs in Pennsylvania. Considering how cold the weather gets in the winter in our area, you might assume bed bugs would seek shelter inside our homes like many other pests. However, bed bugs can tolerate very high temperatures and seek to bite areas of bare skin in order to get a blood meal, which makes summer the perfect time for them…

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