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Keeping Your Souderton Home Safe From Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for families to gather together. For some people this is as simple as driving across town to visit other Souderton family members; for others, it means flying across the country. If your holiday plans include travel this year, whether you are traveling to them or you have family coming to visit your home, there is something you may want to keep in mind.

bed bug up close in west chester



How Long Does Bed Bug Treatment Take For West Chester Homes?

A pest problem is not fun, but when the pests start sharing your bed with you, it gets even worse. Bed bugs are the cause of many sleepless nights and lots of anxiety.

moyer technician with bed bug dog



Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend Against Bed Bugs

Dogs have been trained to work with people in a variety of different fields. Some dogs work with law enforcement and others work as therapy dogs for the disabled. Highly trained canines have been used to sniff out bombs, drugs, and missing children for decades—and now they are being trained to help pest control professionals.

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How To Protect Your Home Against Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

As the holiday season comes closer, many people are beginning to travel away from home. Whether it be to visit family members or just to experience the holiday season away from everyday life, Thanksgiving is a holiday of relaxation and good food. For bed bugs, however, your blood is the good food that Thanksgiving brings

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