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Do Not Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your End of Summer Travel Plans

The end of summer is a popular time for family vacations and extended travel plans as the warmer months are winding down and kids are heading back to school. Summer travel should bring about wonderful memories but if you happen to bring home a few extra travelers when you return from your trip, those memories can quickly turn into a nightmare. More reports are popping up about bed bug infestations…

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Thankful For...Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition where you give thanks for the things you have? Some people do it while they are sharing the Thanksgiving meal around the table. Some people get a big paper board where people can write one thing they are grateful for, or hand out tiny cards that can be read after the meal is done. There are all kinds of ways to do it. When it comes to sharing what you're…

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Summer Travel And Bed Bugs Solutions

When we travel, we go inside a lot. We might go inside a hotel or a motel to spend the night. We might go inside a plane, train, or bus to travel a long distance. And we may go inside a taxi cab or some other form of public transportation for shorter trips. Each time we go inside, we should be aware that bed bugs have been found infesting all these places. If you don't want these pests to come…

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Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs This Spring

When you think of protecting your home from pests in the spring, what do you think of? Do you think about sealing up your exterior walls and cleaning up your yard? Those are definitely good to do, but they will do nothing to protect your family from bed bugs.

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