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a large colony of black ants infesting the walkway of a west chester home



How To Stop An Ant Infestation In West Chester In Its Tracks

Anthills are appearing everywhere and ruining lawns. Lines of ants are running along the pavement to outside trash bins. If you’re lucky, the ants haven’t found a way inside your home. Even so, ants in the yard can also be big a nuisance. If you haven’t taken precautions against ants this season, they could soon take over your West Chester lawn and home.

pavement ant up close



Why Pennsylvania Residents Need To Keep Pavement Ants Out

Pavement ants can be a real nuisance to Pennsylvania residents. These ants are probably the ants that we are the most familiar with as they are the ones that create the unsightly ant hills between the cracks of your sidewalk, sides of your driveway, and around your foundation.

ants in pennsylvania home



How To Keep Ants Out Of Your West Chester Home

Ant populations explode in springtime. After a long winter of dormancy, they're getting ready to find a bite to eat. As they search for food, they can find their way into our West Chester homes. When they do, it can be quite a mystery. Hopefully, this article will help to make ant problems less of a mystery and give you a good start in keeping those ants out of your home.

pavement ant crawling on grass



Why Do I Have Ants?

The focus of today's article is going to be on what attracts ants to your home and how to resist them. Before we get into that, it is important to understand that ants are going to come into your yard no matter what you do, and this isn't a bad thing. Ants are beneficial insects that will help to aerate your lawn. If you're not aware of what aeration is, it is a process that helps air circulate…

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