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a Carpenter ant crawlong through dirt and gravel in a New Castle pennsylvania yard



Carpenter Ant Warning Signs To Watch For In New Castle Homes

We see big black ants run across our kitchen floor and get annoyed at the intrusion. Most likely we give them a stomp and toss them in the trash, not to think about again. Unfortunately, large black ants running through your home can be a sign of a carpenter ant problem. Carpenter ants are a big threat to New Castle homes in the summer months. The damage they cause can be severe. You’ll want…

pavement ant up close



Why Pennsylvania Residents Need To Keep Pavement Ants Out

Pavement ants can be a real nuisance to Pennsylvania residents. These ants are probably the ants that we are the most familiar with as they are the ones that create the unsightly ant hills between the cracks of your sidewalk, sides of your driveway, and around your foundation.



Keep Ants from Ruining Your Summer Picnic

A favorite summertime ritual for many is when you pack up the kids, grab a basket full of food, and take your family on a day trip to the beach or to a country setting where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors while eating the yummy sandwiches, cold chicken, and pastries you tucked into your basket. You spread out your blanket, set down your picnic basket, and frolic in the grass with your…

carpenter ant in pennsylvania



Ant Season To Begin Soon

Things are warming up here in Pennsylvania, and that means an early ant season. It also means that you should be on the look-out for the signs of these most common ants:

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