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ants on a plant



What Can I Do About The Ant Hills Around My New Castle Lawn?

It’s May which means some homeowners are already seeing an increase in ant activity in their yards as well as ants trying to invade their homes. If you have ant hills around your New Castle lawn, this is a warning sign.

a large dark ant crawling along the leaf on a souderton property



Have Ants Invaded Your Souderton Lawn? Moyer Can Help!

As spring continues to heat up and we move closer to summer, you’ll soon see, if you haven’t already, a resurgence of ants. These little insects spend the winter in hibernation but, once temperatures start to rise, they get back on the move. Have ants invaded your Souderton lawn yet? If so, Moyer can help.

odorous house ant



Are Odorous House Ants A Threat To PA Homes?

You may have never even heard of an odorous house ant, but you have likely seen or smelled them and just not realized it – after all, there are many species of ants and a lot of them look very similar.

ants marching toward plate of food



Ant Activity In Winter In The Keystone State

If you're seeing a line of ants walking across your kitchen floor this winter, you are not likely to be happy. In fact, you might have some less than positive feelings regarding the matter.