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Four Cricket Prevention Tips For New Castle Property Owners

July 31, 2020

When people gear up for pest prevention, they often concentrate on critters like termites, roaches, and rats. This is justifiable because these insects and creatures can severely damage property and/or transmit disease. New Castle home and business owners usually give no thought to controlling specimens such as carpet beetles, silverfish, or ants. These kinds of bugs are considered harmless and easy to kill. Therefore, they’re put on the...

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a boxelder bug on a leaf

Are Box Elder Bugs In New Castle Dangerous?

July 29, 2020

When people enlist the services of a pest control provider in New Castle, there are a couple of critters that will be on their minds. Spiders, roaches, and rodents are a few of the “popular” specimens folks want to get protection from. It makes perfect sense because these creatures can bite, destroy property, and/or transmit disease. However, multiple lesser-known species exist that can be just as harmful. Examples include pill bug...

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a tick crawling on a finger tip

New Castle's Complete Guide To Flea & Tick Control

July 24, 2020

There are lots of insects and creatures that get mentioned in the same breath because of their similarities. For instance, roaches and rats are grouped together because they start with the letter “R” and harbor harmful germs. They also reproduce at a fast rate and are a nightmare to exterminate. Bees and wasps are verbally packaged because they sting people and eat nectar. Fleas and ticks are partnered too....

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