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a colony of pavement ants on food

How Big A Problem Are Pavement Ants On My Souderton Property? 

March 4, 2021

Pavement ants are among the most common ants in the United States. Although they are not dangerous, pavement ants can be a big problem on any Souderton, Pennsylvania property. Ants are insects known to invade in large numbers. Pavement ants are no exception. Their numbers can make getting rid of them difficult. ...

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bed bug on sheets

How The Pros Of Souderton, PA Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

March 2, 2021

Bed bugs are incredibly difficult pests to remove once they find their way into your mattress and bedding. Once you uncover signs of their presence, every pillow, blanket, carpet, piece of furniture, cushion, and article of clothing in your Souderton home is a potential nesting ground....

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a deer tick in the palm of a hand

When Does Tick Season In New Castle Start?

February 22, 2021

Among the most lethal insects on earth are those that withdraw blood from animals and humans. Typically, these kinds of pests are small and they bite or sting elusively. The blemishes they leave are usually red, itchy, and swollen. Unfortunately, that’s the least of the concerns. ...

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