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an earwig crawling on a wooden table

Three Handy Earwig Prevention Tips For Souderton Property Owners

September 23, 2020

When people have knowledge about a particular thing, it can sometimes ease their fears. This concept can certainly apply to Souderton's home and business owners when it comes to pests. Insects and creatures are generally frightening and can wreak a lot of havoc. Most can bite, sting, or scratch you. A multitude can destroy belongings or structures. There’s an equal amount that is capable of spreading disease. This is concerning, but if r...

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german cockroach crawling on plastic bowl

What Makes Cockroaches In New Castle Homes Dangerous?

September 23, 2020

It’s widely known that cockroaches are a hazard, but it’s necessary to understand the specific dangers these bugs present. Being familiar with this information will help you gear up for prevention and extermination, with a hand from Moyer Pest Control....

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