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a red and black tick climbing up a vibrant green leaf in a souderton pennsylvania yard



Preparing for Heavy Late Summer Tick Activity in Souderton

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and you probably have an extensive list of things to do before fall arrives. There’s back to school shopping for the kids, end of the season barbecues, home repairs to get ready for winter… the list goes on. There is one other thing you should add to the list though—preparing for heavy late-summer tick activity in Souderton.

a comony of termites eating through a wooden structure supporting a souderton home in pennsylvania



How to Know When It's Time to Call Moyer for Termite Control in Souderton

Termites often begin new colonies in the spring after the swarmer termites mate. That information may make you think that spring is the only time to worry about a new termite infestation. If you’ve made it to late summer without seeing any signs of termites, you must be in the clear right? Not exactly.

an infestation of fleas crawling along the hair arm of a souderton resident in pennsylvania



How Long Are Fleas Active in Souderton, Pennsylvania?

 Summer may be nearing its end, but the weather is still hot enough for summer pests to thrive. Even so, they tend to know when fall and winter are on the way, and soon many pests will begin to make their preparations for the colder months. But what about fleas? What do they do in the winter? How long are fleas active in Souderton, Pennsylvania?

a quickly growing flea infesttaion on the hairy arm skin of a new castle resident



Don't Let Fleas Turn Your Summer Into a Nightmare

Most often, when people hear about fleas, they think about pets. Although it is true that fleas prefer our furry friends over us, it does not change the fact that when they are on our loved companions, everyone suffers. If up to this point, you have never had to deal with fleas in your own home, we hope that you never have to.

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