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Spider-Proofing Your Souderton Home for the Winter

Unfortunately, there are some things you should keep an eye out for as we settle into these colder months. Summer is a season when many pests are content to thrive outdoors. However, as soon as the season's change and the weather starts to cool, those same pests would rather move indoors than brave the winter cold.

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Why Winter Break Could Bring Bed Bugs for Souderton Students

Kids and parents alike eagerly look forward to the holiday break – time for families to spend time together, relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved respite from busyness! Or maybe you have a family vacation planned to some exciting destination outside of Souderton. Something you may not know is that bed bugs can travel from your child’s school and settle into your cozy warm home for the…

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Are Your Souderton Pets Safe from Fleas?

If fleas have gained entry to your Souderton home, it will be difficult to keep your pets happy and healthy. Fleas can cause a number of problems for our furry friends.

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How Rodents Could Get Inside Your Souderton Home This Winter

No one likes to hear scratching in the walls or ceiling of their home. These disturbing sounds are a sure sign that something is there that shouldn’t be. The fact that you're hearing these noises means your problem won't be a small one that is easy to resolve.

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