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a bed bug crawling on a boxspring

What Bed Bugs Mean For Your Souderton Business

July 6, 2020

Most insects are awful. They can bite or sting you, spread germs and make you sick, or ruin your property. Bed bugs in Souderton are no exception. They invade intimate spaces, like your mattress, and nibble on you without your knowledge. Soon, you’ll have several itchy, red bumps on your body that are both unsightly and uncomfortable. Souderton homeowners dread these critters....

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a yellow jacket landing on fruit

Who In New Castle Wants To Know The Secret To Keeping Wasps Away?

June 26, 2020

Do you love flowers? There’s a good chance you do. So you probably know that pollinators are important for the growth of flowers and other plants, including the crops we eat. However, no matter how much you love flowers, you probably don’t love stinging insects, or at least don’t like having to be afraid of getting stung every time you leave the house. If there are nests of wasps living outside your home, it’s time to f...

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