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Winter Pest Outlook 2017

November 17, 2017

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Every season comes with different types of weather and along with those seasonal changes come unique pest pressures. It is so nice to know that with summer's end will also come the end of annoying pests like the relentless mosquito, along with the potential health problems that they can cause. So, what new and annoying pests will we be looking forward to experiencing this fall and winter? Let’s take a look at what is in store for us in the coming months, and what to do about them. Winter pest problems in Pennsylvania can include rodents, stink bugs, earwigs, and box elder bugs; each presenting its own unique challenges.

Rodents like mice and rats are furry little pests that will gnaw on anything in sight. They can get into food, ruin insulation, and nest inside your walls. Rodents are one of the worst risks for disease when infesting your home, and their rapid rate of reproduction makes them particularly difficult to remove if not discovered and dealt with quickly.

Stink bugs are shield-shaped bugs that are as wide as they are long, and they have scent glands that give off an offensive smell if they are threatened or crushed. They will come indoors in the fall to find warmth and hole up for the cold season, but often will end up wandering along your walls or windows, and will appear in larger numbers if there's a warm spell. Though not a risk to you or your home, their musk can make them quite a nuisance.

Earwigs, or as they are commonly called, "pincer" bugs, have thin sleek bodies with long front antennae and pincer-like appendages on the rear of the abdomen. They like to congregate in large numbers inside homes, where they are unwanted nuisance pests that have a very scary appearance. Earwigs aren't a threat, except to your peace of mind, but we still don't want them around. Uncovering a bunch of them, even having one skitter in front of you in close quarters, can be very unpleasant.

Box elder bugs present much the same problem as stink bugs, but rather than offending our noses, box elder bugs frustrate and frighten homeowners by appearing in larger numbers. They often congregate in large numbers once they move into homes, and have been known to stain fabrics and furniture with their excrement. They are black with an orange-reddish outline, and grow to roughly 1/2 inch.

You don’t want these or any other pests taking up residence in your home this winter, so take action now. In order to prevent winter pests you will need to start by making your home as inaccessible as possible. Seal off all points of entry, like foundational cracks and crevices. Make sure you replace or repair damaged screens, vents, and soffits. Fill in gaps around window frames, door frames, and utility wires, cables, and plumbing that come from the outside to the inside.

The most efficient and effective method of eliminating fall and winter pests and keeping them out for good is to call a professional pest control service. Moyer Pest Control offers commercial and residential pest control in the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia. We can help you discover risk factors on your property when it comes to pests, and are ready and able to get rid of whatever pest problems you are currently facing. Our year-round services will give you peace of mind from overwintering pests and is designed to ensure a pest free home or business at all times, so give us a call today and let our experienced technicians do the work for you.

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