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Why West Chester Residents Should Watch Out For Bed Bugs This July 4th

July 3, 2018

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fourth of july fireworks

The Fourth of July is almost upon us! This holiday is a time for celebrating with family, visiting fun parades, swimming, eating delicious food, and watching colorful fireworks! At Moyer Pest Control we want to help you make sure that your upcoming Independence Day is one of the best ever by helping to make sure that your day isn’t ruined due to bed bug problems! That’s right, bed bugs are still around and have the potential to ruin any event, including Fourth of July celebrations!

Bed bugs are always found in places with large groups of people, as they need to be close to their favorite food source: human blood. This means that while traveling or spending time out and about in public places with large groups of people, even on the Fourth of July, you or family members could come into contact with these parasitic pests! In addition to the large amounts of people that are typically found together on the Fourth of July, it is also important to understand that the Fourth of July holiday is during the time of year when bed bugs to become extremely active and when their numbers swell to epic proportions due to the warm weather.

To help protect your family and friends from bed bugs this upcoming Independence Day, the bed bug control experts at Moyer Pest Control want to offer some helpful bed bug prevention tips!

  • If you will be traveling to your Fourth of July destination and will be staying at a hotel, motel, cabin, or even at a friend’s or relative’s house, it is important to always do a thorough initial inspection of the room you will be residing in, looking for signs of bed bugs.

  • When staying away from your home, keep your luggage and personal belongings up off of the floor and keep items that you aren’t currently using in sealed plastic bags until needed.

  • When packing for your day of fun-filled day of Fourth of July activities, pack light. The less stuff you bring with you the less stuff that bed bugs can crawl onto in order to hitchhike their way into your home! Also, the less stuff you bring, means that less stuff you have to inspect for bed bugs when returning home hot, tired, and most likely a bit sunburned!

  • When setting up your firework-watching spot at the local park, try to prevent your picnic blanket and other personal belongings from coming into contact with other people’s personal belongings, if possible.

  • As tired as we know you will be after returning home from a day of family fun, it is very important to take the time to wash all the clothing, blankets, and other washable items that were used during the day in hot water as soon as you get home and follow with a spin in the dryer on a high heat setting; this will kill any bed bugs that may have decided to hide in these items.

  • Keep all baskets, bags, and portable chairs outside until you are able to vacuum and sanitize them to avoid inadvertently introducing bed bugs into your home.

If during the Fourth of July or at any other point of time this summer you or your family members do happen to come into contact with bed bugs, know that the situation can quickly and completely be resolved with the help of professionals bed bug control services! Also, know that you are not alone — bed bugs do not discriminate and an infestation could happen to anyone at any time despite their best efforts to avoid them, especially during this time of year! If you ever discover bed bugs in your home, the professionals at Moyer Pest Control can provide you with a stress-free bed bug control plan that will eliminate bed bugs from your home and prevent future bed bug problems as well.

To learn more about how we can help protect homes in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and the surrounding areas from bed bugs this summer or any other time of the year, contact Moyer Pest Control today!

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