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Why Professional Pest Control Is Essential For Commercial Properties In Fall

October 19, 2018

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When you run a business, you know that the reputation of that business is essential to its success and that word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. When you have satisfied, happy customers, your business will grow. Conversely, if you have dissatisfied, unhappy customers, your business will not only stagnate but could fail if changes aren’t made.

One way to make sure your business fails is to not take the matter of pest control seriously. Adopting an “It won’t happen to us” attitude can leave you open to oversights that could lead to a pest problem, which in turn could lead to many other problems, including a dangerous drop in business.

Fall is a major season for pest infestations to crop up as animals that have been content to stay outside all summer begin to look for a warm shelter that also provides food and water. Three of the most common pests to infest commercial properties this time of year are:

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are rodents that cause a host of problems in commercial facilities. Their urine and feces contaminate the surfaces they walk on, including any food they come in contact with. They can carry and transmit a number of diseases, such as Salmonella, as well as parasites, such as ticks and fleas. They also can cause damage to property by chewing holes in boxes and walls, damaging pipes, and even causing fire hazards by chewing on electrical wires.


Cockroaches love moist areas and can often be found in and around kitchens. Since they frequent dumpsters and sewers, they carry all kinds of bacteria, parasites, and germs on their bodies that can contaminate whatever they come in contact with. They are also known to trigger dangerous allergies and asthma symptoms in humans.

Food-Infesting Insects

Often called pantry pests, insects such as Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and cigarette beetles, feed on cereal and other dried grain products, among other things, and lay their eggs within these products. This makes the food products unfit for human consumption.

If any of these pests infest your commercial property, you may end up losing product and revenue. You could end up with employees or customers who get sick as a result of the pest problem, and your business’ reputation will take a hit as well.

Moyer Pest Control keeps commercial properties protected. We do it in a way that sets us apart from other pest control companies. Our Integrated Pest Management approach eliminates your current pest problems, uses appropriate chemicals in appropriate amounts, and implements measures to prevent future pest problems.

Moyer also offers our clients personalized dispatch services dedicated to your account. We also meet and exceed the standards set by a number of organizations and agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Agriculture, and the American Institute of Baking.

Don’t leave your business reputation to chance. Call Moyer today.

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