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Why Now Is The Time To Protect Your New Castle Home Against Termites

April 29, 2019

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termite colony up close

Spring is in full swing and while that can mean plenty of pleasant things, like blooming flowers, evenings spent outdoors, and no more winter jackets, it can also mean something rather unpleasant: Termites. That’s why now is the time to protect your New Castle home against termites.

When is Termite Season?

The truth is, there’s no such thing as termite season. Termites survive year-round, especially when they’ve already gotten into the warm, climate-controlled environment of your home. However, spring is often referred to as termite season for one very good reason. It’s the time of year when termites are most likely to reproduce and, therefore, is the time of year when you’re most likely to see the termites themselves.

Termites are subterranean pests, which means they rarely come out in the open above ground. In fact, there are really only two instances where you might see termites, or signs of termites, above ground. One is when they build mud tubes to move above ground. (They’d quickly dry out if they crawled around unguarded, so if they need to travel out of the ground for any reason, they’ll build a pencil-width tube to protect themselves.) You’re most likely to see these along foundation walls or inside on basement walls.

The other instance in which termites come above ground is when they reproduce. This is called a termite swarm because a large group of reproductive termites comes out of the ground all at once. These termites have wings and, once they find a mate, they’ll shed their wings and return underground to start a new colony. Termite swarms usually happen in the spring and are often your only chance at knowing for sure that termites are in or near your home.

Why Prevention is Essential When it Comes to Termites

Unfortunately, if you see a termite swarm, it’s a sure indication that a large well-established termite colony is somewhere nearby, possibly already in your home. Even if the colony is not in your home, there’s a good chance that some of the mating termites will end up inside.

Because of that, and because there is no other easy way to determine if termites are on your property, prevention is essential to protect your New Castle home against termites. Once termites get into your home, they can do damage for months or even years before they are detected, leaving you with thousands of dollars in home damage.

Moyer Pest Control offers three termite control programs, based upon your current needs. The Green Eye Alert monitoring system alerts you to detect termites on your property, giving you a chance to do something about them before they enter your home. Our Pest Termite Preventative Program uses Termidor to eliminate invading termites. And our Complete Home Guard Plus is a program that not only protects against termites but also a wide range of pests.
To learn more about our programs and which one is right for you, give Moyer a call. We’re happy to help!

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