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Why Moyer Uses Dogs To Help Eliminate Bed Bugs In New Castle Homes

May 23, 2019

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a professional pest control technician posing with her k 9 before they are about to inspect a new castle home for bed bugs

If you’re noticing itchy bites after waking up in the morning or noticing small stains on your sheets, you may need a bed bug inspection. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s bed bugs you’re dealing with. There are several pests that will leave you with itchy bites. Maybe you’re questioning if you have fleas or bed bugs. Professional inspections can give you the answer you’re looking for. If you’re wondering whether or not you have bed bugs, contact Moyer Pest Control.

Bed bugs are some of the most persistent and stubborn pests you may find in your New Castle home. They know just where to hide and how to elude many inspections and treatment efforts. Even with highly trained professionals and hours of time, an inspection may be only 35% accurate. Because bed bugs are so hard to find and identify, Moyer uses canines to detect bed bugs that invade New Castle homes.

With an incredible sense of smell, much higher than that of humans, dogs make excellent inspectors. They’ve shown their capability in many areas from search-and-rescue to locating drugs. Bed bugs are another specialty in which dogs outdo humans. They can confirm if you're dealing with bed bugs within minutes. Scout, our K9 inspector, raises the accuracy of inspections from 35% to 98%! And the quicker they’re found, the quicker they can be removed from your home.

Benefits of K9 Inspections:

  • They’re quicker.

  • They’re more accurate, finding the exact location of bed bugs.

  • The dog is trained to disrupt the home as little as possible.

  • They save time and money by narrowing the treatment site.

  • They can ensure treatments have worked.

As a homeowner, you want bed bugs out as soon as possible. Moyer Pest gets that. That’s why we’ve created the quickest, most efficient way of identifying and eliminating this pest. With the help of Scout, your New Castle home can be bed bug-free!

If left alone, bed bugs will multiply and grow out of control rapidly. Don’t wait to reach out. Once Scout finds the bed bugs, Moyer Pest then uses heat treatments to ensure that all the bugs, nymphs and adults, are wiped out. Say goodbye to bed bugs. If you live in New Castle or in any of our other servicing areas, Contact Moyer Pest Control!    

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