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Why Mice Get Into Your Home

September 15, 2015

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For some people, learning about mice can be a boring topic. Probably not for you, because you sought out this article with a purpose. You don't want those mice coming into your home. Therefore, you have a vested interest in the answer and in what you are learning. But, our goal isn't to just make informative articles for you. We also want to make these articles interesting for those "other people." Why is this? Because it is actually harder to learn something if you're not interested in the subject. Your brain needs to make associations in order for you to remember stuff. If what you're learning is something you have an interest in, you'll have no problem making all of those valuable connections needed for easy access to the information later. You know what else? Your memory is mostly visual. It's true. That is why it is so important to take notes in school. Not only are you increasing the ways in which your brain is receiving information, seeing it on the paper actually gives you a visual reference for your mind to use as storage.

Okay. What does all of this have to do with mice getting into my home?

Mice are able to carry disease and spread harmful bacteria and parasites. You do not want these pests in your house. That makes this too important a topic for you to forget three minutes after you leave this page. So, we are going to build a visual tree to help your brain remember some useful facts that will help you keep mice out.

We're going to imagine that a single female mouse has hit the lottery. She has come to the edge of your property and everything she could possibly dream of is there.

Somewhere in the distance is the sweet smell of trash. She scurries to a toy on the edge of your property. It is fun to explore and it makes her feel safe from predators, but she continues on. She runs a short distance and finds an old tire. Inside is a wonderful pool of water to drink from. After she has had all she can drink, she scurries over a pile of construction material. This may be the new home she has been looking for. But the sweet smell of trash continues to draw her in. She runs along a 2x4 and comes to within a couple feet of the smell. It is coming from the trash can in front of her. Since she can leap a foot, she makes the jump from the construction material, into the trash can with ease. Once her belly is satisfied, she climbs to the top of all the bags and leaps up over the lip. The fall from the other side is a little painful, but she's built to take the impact. As she scurries along your exterior walls she sees a downspout that would be useful to get to the top of the house where there are sure to be vulnerable places to chew her way in, but she continues on under the back deck that doesn’t have a wire barrier to keep her out. Under the deck, she finds a place where water has been running down from a broken gutter above it. This has broken gutter has been making the wood wet and has caused it to rot, right here under your deck. She's not the first to find this wet rotting wood. A hole has already been started by insects. So, she chews it to make it larger and squirms her way into your house.

What have we learned?

Mice are drawn in by the smell of food and love to find clutter and wood products in your yard. These places provide perfect opportunities to hide, play and get a drink. Mice can get into your trash if you leave it uncovered. They can gain access to your vulnerable roofline if you don't protect those downspouts with wire mesh, and they can get under other places that aren't protected with wire mesh or fencing. These areas are where they will most likely find a softened area of rotted wood and chew their way in to your home.

As you can see, the life of a mouse is very opportunistic. When given the chance to drink, eat or live in your house, they will take it. Take away their opportunities with help from the professionals here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. Give us a call today to keep mice out of your house.

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