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Why Is West Chester Such A Bed Bug Hotspot

October 26, 2018

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bed bug in a west chester home

No one dreams of growing up and buying a home in a bed bug hotspot, but for more and more areas, this is becoming an unpleasant reality. West Chester is no different.
While many factors contribute to how likely or unlikely a bed bug infestation is, there’s no denying that West Chester has many things that make it more likely for bed bugs to end up all over town.
First, West Chester has a lot of visitors. With many historical sites, as well as Philadelphia nearby, tourists often choose West Chester hotels to lodge in during their vacations. Bed bugs often move from place to place by traveling with people on vacation, then leave those people in the hotel room and hop onto the clothing or luggage of the next family who stays in that room.
Second, West Chester has a number of schools, including a college. If one student has bed bugs at home, it is likely that at some point some of those bed bugs will end up going to school with that child. Since kids often put their backpacks and coats in close proximity to other kids’ backpacks and coats, it’s not difficult to see how bed bugs could end up moving from one home to another. They may also discover some upholstered furniture at the school and choose to set up shop there instead of moving on.
Third, although the median age of West Chester residents is quite young, about 9% of the population is over the age of 65. Seniors have some unique risks associated with a bed bug infestation. They are less likely to have reactions to bed bug bites, making it easier for bed bugs to invade unnoticed. Similarly, if they do realize there are bed bugs present, but are not bothered by the bites, they may decide to simply ignore them. Seniors also have had more years to accumulate possessions, giving bed bugs more areas in which to hide. These bed bugs can then move into other homes when family or friends visit.
Whether you live or work in West Chester, the risk of a bed bug infestation is not one to take lightly. While you can’t really prevent an infestation, other than being cautious about checking your clothing and bags before you enter your home, you can have the peace of mind that Moyer Pest Control brings.
At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, whether it be in your home or place of employment, call Moyer. We offer K-9 detection services that are quick and highly accurate at detecting a bed bug problem. We also offer the comprehensive services you need to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Our heat treatments are safe and the most effective treatment available to ensure that every bed bug is eliminated. Call us today to make an appointment and help take West Chester off the bed bug hotspot map.

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