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Why Insects And Rodents Love The Holidays

November 13, 2014

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For pests, the holidays can be the "perfect storm." There are so many reasons bugs, rodents, and wildlife get into your home. Here are a few to watch out for.

They get carried in.

Holidays mean more travel and more visits. If you invite people into your home, be aware that many bugs hitchhike.

This is the time of year when bed bugs are on the move, quite literally. They globetrott every year in luggage, bags, and carry-ons. If your guests have stayed at a hotel, motel, or resort recently--no matter how expensive--there is a chance that bed bugs have hitched a ride. Use a flashlight and check the guest bed, backboard, and surrounding furniture for seed-like bugs when your company has left. Inspect the sheets for tiny blood stains, then wash all bedding on the highest temperature and dry them on the highest temperature.

Also, this is the time when pantry pests hitch a ride in from the store. Always check packages for tiny rips or holes, and don't bring bags into your pantry without checking them. Moths, beetles, and roaches don't have thumbs, but they love to hitchhike.

Extra foot traffic coming in and out of your house means roach eggs might be on one of those shoes. Many people don't realize that, when they squish a female roach, the eggs can survive on the bottom of their shoe. That means you could get them in your carpet. Sounds strange, but its true.

It's getting cold outside.

Oh the weather outside is frightful...and that is why bugs and rodents want to squeeze into your home. It is important to use a caulking gun to seal up any holes on your exterior walls. Check your screens, doorsweeps, and weather stripping for holes, and get your perimeter or exterior walls sprayed by a pest control company. There are a ton of bugs that want to spend the winter in your home. You should do everything you can to discourage them.

They smell what you're cooking.

More holiday cooking means more tasty aromas escaping out your door, and more tasty trash being put outside. Make sure to put bags of trash in a sealed container to keep pests from being lured into your yard.

When you cook, be sure to clean up afterward. Leftover crumbs are dinner for a bug and a dinner bell for rodents. Clean floors and rugs frequently. Put dirty dishes in soapy water rather than stack them in a dry sink. And don't leave food lying out. If insects come looking for food, don't give them what they're looking for. Often, this will be enough to deter them from sticking around.

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