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Why Earwigs Enter Souderton Homes

May 10, 2021


Some bugs are nastier than others. While most of us can tolerate moths, ants, and flies without losing our cool, there’s something about watching an earwig crawl around that’s strangely unsettling. Equipped with imposing pincers on their rear, earwigs have a reputation for wriggling their way into the ears of unsuspecting victims while they sleep to lay their eggs. Thankfully, that urban myth is bogus, and earwigs are fundamentally harmless pests. But, they can be a nuisance and their presence can cause frustration. So, if you’re curious why earwigs enter Souderton homes, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Earwigs? 

There are upwards of 20 unique species of earwigs found in the United States, which share a few common features. Earwigs have elongated bodies with long antennae and a pair of sharp pincers pointing out from the rear of their abdomen. The most commonly encountered earwig species in Souderton homes is the European earwig. European earwigs average about 5/8 inch in length and have a dark red or brownish color. Females tend to grow larger than males, but males develop larger, more curved pincers.

Earwigs can be found living in small groups in areas of organic debris like rotting leaves and mulch. They are generally docile pests despite their appearance, and tend to use their pincers to wrestle with one another for dominance rather than pinching unsuspecting people or crawling in anybody’s ears.

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Why Do Earwigs Come Indoors?

Some pests are well adapted to life indoors, but earwigs prefer to stay in the comfort of your yard or garden as much as possible, although they are known to venture inside under certain circumstances. While earwigs can be solitary, they are also known to appear in groups.

Earwigs find their way indoors in search of food and shelter. If you have lots of moist soil and organic debris in your yard for earwigs to feed on, you’re more likely to have an infestation. Following changes in weather like rain or drought, earwigs will wriggle their way through cracks and crevices around your property using their slender bodies. Earwigs are also attracted to light and can be found on decks and porches where outdoor lights shine. 

How To Prevent Earwigs

Like any pest, there are a few tried-and-true ways to prevent earwigs from invading your home. Making a few simple adjustments can have a big impact on the population of not only earwigs but a number of other common pests as well:

  • Seal cracks – Using quality silicone caulk, seal up any cracks or openings around the foundation of your home. Check for gaps around pipes and cables and seal openings accordingly. Open spaces around windows and doors should also be sealed up.

  • Address moisture issues – Don’t let moisture accumulate around your house. Make sure all spigots and pipes are free of leaks and that all gutters are draining water away from the property. Consider installing a dehumidifier in your basement to make your home less hospitable to earwigs and other pests.

  • Do some yard work – Remove any decaying plant matter accumulating in your yard including leaf piles, fallen trees, and dead stumps. Relocate firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and elevate off the ground if possible.

  • Trim the hedges – Eliminate the cool, shady areas where earwigs may hide. Trim back shrubs and hedges to get rid of spots where these pests congregate.

For total earwig control, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control. Our residential pest control services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll eliminate troublesome pests like earwigs and keep them from infesting your home again. Get in touch with us today. 

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