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Why Do I Have A Spider Problem In My Souderton Home?

April 12, 2021


Before the question of whether or not your Souderton property faces an eight-legged menace, it is important to understand the sort of spiders commonly found in Pennsylvania. With ample experience and expertise, our crew at Moyer Pest Control can tell you everything you need to know about spiders on your Souderton property.

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The two most prominent spider species in Pennsylvania are the common house spider and the wolf spider. The common house spider, true to its name, is an extremely common indoor pest, very small, even for a spider, and primarily tan in color, but with distinct black stripes on its legs. The wolf spider is named as such for tracking down and attacking its prey instead of spinning webs. While neither are especially dangerous to humans, their venomous bites can still trigger swelling, rashes, mild nausea, and more, especially if one suffers from an arachnid allergy.

The Reason Why Spiders Invade Human Homes

Spiders are predators, and pests like flies and crickets are their prey. Though spiders will help get rid of these unwanted pests in your home, they're also a clear indicator of an insect problem. In other words, most spiders who enter human houses do so seeking out a steady influx of bugs. Therefore, those who set up shop in your Souderton home know that that the population of insects around them isn’t likely to die down anytime soon.

Most species of arachnid roaming Pennsylvania are not particularly dangerous. Like the wolf and common house varieties, however, many can be venomous enough to trigger adverse effects in a human. As such, these eight-legged friends can easily become a troublesome presence.

Simple Steps For Preventing Spiders Around Your Souderton Property

Spider behavior hinges on hunting prey - insects. Therefore, spider prevention involves strategies for reducing the insect population in your Souderton home. Here is a list of tried-and-true spider, and therefore insect, prevention methods courtesy of the experts at Moyer Pest Control.

  • Inspect your home. To detect a spider problem, keep a particular eye on darker or damp rooms like closets, basements, and attics, as these spaces are less frequently visited by humans, and therefore, are perfect for pests to take over.
  • Pests like clutter. If you don’t want pests taking over your space, don’t give them anywhere to hide! A good decluttering will toss wary pests into the spotlight and might even scare them off for good.
  • Locate entry points. Most homeowners wonder how pests make their way inside what is seemingly a sealed home. What they often don’t realize is that utility piping and ventilation shafts are just the right size for pests to crawl through if unprotected. Guard your property’s weak points with screens that will still allow for water and air to glide through.

While simple steps can help decrease your insect and spider problems, the best way to permanently handle an infestation of any pest, eight-legged or six, necessitates more in-depth strategies. Our recurring pest control options will help you get rid of spiders and their insectoid prey for good. For professional help, contact Moyer Pest Control right away.

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