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Why Do Earwigs Invade Our Homes?

April 28, 2017


As a kid, a lot of us remember being told that earwigs would burrow into our ears while we were sleeping with those menacing looking pinchers, they have been making children everywhere terrified to leave their ears exposed when camping ever since. Of course, there is absolutely no truth to it, but if you heard the tale around the campfire from a big brother or sister, you might just believe it to this day even if you would never admit to it.

Earwigs are a pest that, tall tale or not, make most of us jump back if we should accidentally come across them in our daily lives. Between their pinchers and the quickness of their movements, they tend to make the average person panic even if it is only for a second. The good news is, that as scary as those pinchers look, they are in no way dangerous to humans. Sure, they might attempt to pinch if they feel threatened, but mostly they will scurry away. Even if they do pinch, the effect on people is minimal. A bit of a pinch and then it’s over.

Earwigs prefer life outdoors. These nocturnal creatures tend to spend their days under damp rocks and logs but we occasionally run into them just by going about our daily routines like getting the mail, doing the gardening, or perhaps cleaning the patio furniture. Mostly though, they come out at night to hunt for other insects to eat.

The earwig is not your typical home invader. They are not tuned to move into our homes unless the conditions in their natural habitat become too dry or hot for them. They may then seek a cool, damp basement to set up camp. Usually, earwigs get introduced to the home quite accidentally. When we bring in clothes off the line, toys in from outside, or wood from the woodpile for a cozy fire we run the risk of bringing them in if we are not careful.

When earwigs have gotten in, especially if they have made themselves a burrow in the crawlspace or basement, you run the risk of a female laying eggs that will eventually hatch creating a population of earwigs inside. A problem that is unlikely to take care of itself and that will be almost impossible to get rid of with DIY methods. The earwig is a hardy insect and the chemicals used in most over-the-counter products are completely ineffective to an earwig infestation but can be very dangerous to the home.

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