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Why DIY Rodent Control in Souderton May Give You A Headache

January 10, 2022


While there are plenty of different types of rodents that plague Souderton and surrounding areas, homeowners are most likely to deal with these three types: 

  • House mice: With beady eyes, large ears, and round bodies, the average house mouse can grow from two inches to four inches in length. 
  • Roof rats: Also called black rats or ship rats, roof rats can measure twice the size of house mice, and are well-known for their excellent climbing abilities. 
  • Norway rats: You may also hear them called brown rats, but Norway rats grow even larger than roof rats, and lack those great climbing skills. 

While rodents like house mice and roof rats may look harmless, having these pests in your home can lead to contamination with dangerous diseases, property damage, or even issues with fleas and ticks. 

Although some homeowners may assume rodent problems are mild enough to handle alone, there are several reasons to steer clear of DIY rodent control  – here’s what Souderton residents should know about why you’re unlikely to have both mice and rats, the common DIY techniques that people use and why they fail, and what to do if you’ve got a rodent infestation. 

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Can You Have A Mice And Rat Infestation At The Same Time? 

Some homeowners may wonder if they can have mice and rat problems at the same time, but this is extremely unlikely. Since house mice serve as a food source for rats, these critters try to steer clear of places that already have rats. And, if mice do wander into a home with rats, they’re usually hunted down quickly. 

For this reason, most homeowners with rodent problems either have mice or rats, but rarely both at the same time. Unfortunately, neither is easy to get rid of  – both types of rodents have powerful teeth that can chew through most materials and slip through the tiniest cracks and crevices.

Why DIY Rodent Control Doesn’t Work 

There are plenty of ways that people try to solve rodent infestations on their own, but most DIY methods fail, and here’s why: 

  • Mouse traps: Not only do rodents steer clear of mouse traps that smell too much like humans, but these traps usually aren’t placed in the correct spots to catch rodents. 
  • Peppermint oil: It’s a common misconception that the strong stench of peppermint oil deters rodents. Mice and rats are clever, and will usually just start avoiding areas where they smell the peppermint. 
  • Ultrasonic rodent repellers: These repellers may seem like they work temporarily, but they won’t keep rodents away for long. Most rodents will simply relocate to areas of your home where they won’t be bothered by the repellers.
  • Mothballs: While this may repel moths, the amount of mothballs needed to harm rodents is so much that it could become dangerous for pets or family members too. 

The Most Effective Form Of Rodent Control In Souderton

From mothballs to mouse traps, DIY rodent control is not only ineffective but potentially dangerous as well. Rather than waste your time and money on techniques that won’t work, the safest way to deal with rodents in Souderton is with the professional help of Moyer Pest Control. 

If you’re finding evidence of rodents around your home, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to get worse  – contact us today at Moyer Pest Control to learn more about how our rodent control services work. 

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