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Why DIY Bed Bug Control Does Not Work

April 16, 2018

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Recently, bed bug infestations have been on the rise. Relative to the steady increase in travel in the last couple decades, after a brief stint of limited activity, bed bugs have been popping up all over the place. The recent increase in bed bug infestations have sent many of us to the internet in search of a way to get rid of them, and with all the DIY methods out there, you will likely find all sorts of suggestions. The real question is, do they work? Unfortunately, DIY methods are very unlikely to work.

DIY options generally fail, but why? It is for a variety of reasons. It's been discovered that bed bugs can actually modify the protective properties of their exoskeleton, meaning that pesticides and fume treatments that you buy at your local store no longer work like they once did. Bed bugs are an extremely stubborn pest and are very resilient to common chemicals, making it very difficult to get rid of them. Aside from their resilience, if misused, DIY treatments can be dangerous to the inhabitants of a home, including pets. One of the biggest contributing factors to the failure of these methods is that bed bugs are small! Due to their size, they have the ability to hide within cracks and crevices in the structure of your home that DIY methods might not even reach. It’s fair to say that when it comes to bed bugs, professional control is your best option.

Moyer Pest Control has developed a bed bug control program that start with a detail inspection of your property. Detecting bed bugs is the first step in removing an active infestation because when it comes to bed bugs, complete elimination is crucial. To search for the presence of bed bugs, we use bed bug detection canines. These expert pest detectors, using their keen sense of smell, are far more efficient than humans in seeking out bed bugs, and have the ability to detect bed bugs in the midst of clutter, behind walls, in furniture, and under carpets where people may not be able to inspect. Plus, when they are finished, they leave no trace of their presence. With the use of canines, the detection of bed bugs is quick, clean, and efficient!

After successfully determining the presence of bed bugs we will employ the best method of eradication for your specific infestation. One of the most effective methods for almost all bed bug infestations is heat treatment. Our heat treatment is safe, guaranteed, and doesn’t require any extra work on your part. By using portable heating systems, we are able to heat the room to a temperature known to effectively kill all stages of bed bug life. The heat treatment is successful primarily due to its ability to penetrate spaces that people can’t see or reach. Heat treatments are able to reach in behind walls and within objects such as furniture, killing even the most resilient and best-hidden bed bugs. This method of treatment is also easily contained and the service will unlikely have to be conducted outside of the infested area.

So don’t wait, and reach out today! Say goodbye to sleepless nights and unhappy guests! Call Moyer today to schedule your appointment, and if you are in a pinch, don’t forget to ask about our emergency service!

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